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What kind of accommodation do you provide at Freycinet Resort?

We offer rooms, cabins and caravan sites, all located in the beautiful wilderness setting beside Coles Bay Conservation Area. We have 10 rooms in total, all of which have water and forest views. For further details please see our Rooms pages.

If any of your cabins have kitchen facilities?

Yes, the newly renovated Hazards View Retreat has fully equipped kitchen which offers guests the chance to cook their own meals. The Hazards View Retreat requires a 2-night minimum stay.

What are the reception hours?

Our reception is open daily from 7:30am until 9:30pm. If you are planning on arriving after reception hours, please contact us via phone or email to arrange a late check in.

Are children allowed at Freycinet Resort?

All cabins and sites at Freycinet Resort are not suitable for infants or children under the age of 4 years. In the event of a guest ignoring this policy and failing to provide accurate group information when booking online, we reserve the right to refuse check-in and no refund will be provided.

Are pets allowed at Freycinet Resort?

Freycinet Resort sits next to Coles Bay Conservation Area and therefore no pets are allowed on the site at any time.

Are there any smoking rooms?

Due to our location beside the Coles Bay Conservative Area, smoking is prohibited across the entire Freycinet Resort site. The smoke-free zone begins at the gate on Coles Bay Road. We reserve the right to ask any guest who breaks this rule to leave the resort immediately without refund.

Is there any EV charging station available at your hotel for guests?

Yes, we have! You can rest assured you'll be able to charge with us while you stay or dine here.

Is a late check-in available?

Our reception is open until 9.30pm. Any guests who require a late check-in will need to provide a minimum of 3 days notice and must pay the full room rate in advance. We will provide you with details to a key safe for accessing your room key and enabling self check-in.

Any important Guest Acknowledgement?

1. We will do our best to ensure Freycinet Resort is safe and provides you with a pleasant experience. However, you are in a remote, natural environment with inherent risks which cannot be eliminated without destroying the unique character of Freycinet Resort. Ultimately, your choice to stay at Freycinet Resort has been partly driven by these natural values and the subsequent satisfaction to be gained from being in the wild. 2. We have a range of walks and trails on offer for our guests, however it is your responsibility to choose activities which are matched with your ability and fitness. During your stay you must be prepared for unstable surfaces, steep ascents and descents, difficult terrain and encounters with native animals. Due to Freycinet Resort’s remoteness it may be difficult for you to receive medical assistance if this is required. 3. When enjoying our tracks and trails you should wear sturdy hiking shoes, take water and drink regularly, wear a hat and apply sunscreen. Stay on formed tracks and trails at all times and avoid walking alone – let a friend know your plans. Take only photographs and leave only footprints – don’t disturb the natural environment and carry out what you carry in. 4. Weather conditions in Tasmania can change quickly. Rain, wind and sun are all possible at any time of the year and so you should always check the weather forecast before exploring our tracks and trails. Bushfires can occur in warmer months and so do not drop cigarette butts or matches. 5. Look out for snakes, and do not feed the wallabies, birds or other wildlife. “People” food isn’t good for animals and, for wallabies in particular, too much soft food can lead to a disease called Lumpy Jaw – a serious bacterial infection of the jaw. Feeding also trains animals to see people as a source of food. This can cause them to abandon their natural habitats and increase their risk of injury from cars and other vehicles.

Is there any COVID-19 special policy applied?

For the safety of all guests, as a condition of entry to Freycinet Resort, all guests are required to allow us to take their temperature upon check-in. We reserve the right to refuse entry to guests with an abnormal temperature or to guests displaying any signs of illness. Guests who display signs of illness during their stay may be required to leave Freycinet Resort. You must comply with our COVID-19 plans and procedures during your stay, including adhering to social distancing and hand washing or sanitisation requirements. You should consider downloading the COVID-Safe app.


What benefits do members get?

Be the first to hear our resort news, please sign up for free on the Members Club page of our website to receive our promotion offers.

How old must I be to book a room?

You must be at least 18 years of age to book accommodation at Freycinet Resort. As children are not permitted in our Ocean View Studios, all bookings that include under 18s must be for our Hazard View Retreat. All children under the age of 18 must be actively supervised by an adult while on site.

Is late check-out available?

Late check-outs are subject to availability and must be organised at time of booking. The cost of a late check-out is 50% of a one-night stay rate.


Where is breakfast served?

Breakfast is served daily in our reception building, overlooking Coles Bay and The Hazards.

What are the dinner options?

Mount Paul Lounge is Freycinet Resort’s onsite restaurant, serving delicious food in spectacular surroundings. The town of Coles Bay is approximately 8km from Freycinet Resort, and it can be reached by road in less than 10 minutes. There are several cafes and small restaurants there which are popular with locals and visitors.

Can I purchase an a la carte meal?

The Mount Paul Lounge dinning experience is a tasting menu style. It is not designed for a la carte orders and as such we would be unable to accommodate these requests. 

Do I need to make a booking for dinner?

Bookings are essential for the Seasonal Omakase dinner and must be made a minimum of 3 days in advance to ensure the availability of produce for our trusted suppliers. No walk-ins accepted. Due to the nature of our dining experience, Mount Paul Lounge is unable to accept guests who do not have a confirmed Seasonal Omakase restaurant reservation.

If there are other food options onsite?

Everyday we have limited 3-dish Teishoku set meals for walk-in hotel guests who do not have a confirmed Seasonal Omakase reservation. Bookings are not available for this Teishoku Set Meal, it will be available first come, first serve until they sell out. So due to a limited availability, restaurant reservation of Seasonal Omakase dinner highly recommended.

Do you accommodate for dietary restrictions?

Due to the nature of our dining experience, we are unable to cater for any major dietary requests.

What happens if I am late for my Seasonal Omakase dinner booking?

Dinner starts at 6:00 pm, should you arrive late you may miss out on the first course. This will result in your menu being reduced. However, the price will remain the same. 

Can I bring my child under the age of 12 years?

The seasonal omakase experience is not designed for those aged 12 and under and we are unable to accommodate any child under the age of 12 years. Please note the Omakase menu style can not be modified.

Are there any grocery stores near Freycinet Resort?

The Coles Bay town centre is a 10-minute drive from the resort, and you’ll find a small grocery store and some restaurants here. In peak season, the town can become very busy so we recommend that you stock up on the basics before you arrive. There are major supermarkets in Hobart and Launceston, and smaller ones in Swansea and Bicheno. You can also top up your supplies at some of the farm gates and cellar doors along the Great Eastern Drive.

If I have a Stay & Dine Package booking, do I need to make a seperate restaurant reservation?

You are not required to make a seperate restaurant reservation, as your Stay & Dine Package booking is automatically secure a spot in the restaurant.

If I only have a hotel room booking, do I need to make a seperate restaurant reservation?

Yes, restaurant reservations are distinct from hotel room bookings. Booking a hotel room does not automatically secure a spot in the restaurant, except you booking a Stay & Dine Package.


Is there WiFi?

We offer complimentary WiFi to all guests in our main building and rooms.

Do you have a club lounge, gym or swimming pool?

Freycinet Resort does not have a club lounge, gym or swimming pool. We do however have a common lounge area which are guests are welcome to use. The lounge has recently been upgraded and features artworks from Indigenous Australian communities along with wooden furniture handcrafted by Tasmanian designers. We also invite guests to enjoy our exclusive private walking track, which features a number of beautiful sculptures by local Tasmanian artists.

Is there parking available?

We have a guest car park at the front of the reception building. You will be given a designated car park near your accommodation at the time of check in.