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Complimentary Welcome Pack

All direct bookings from our website will have a complimentary welcome drink pack, which includes

- Tasmanian bottled water and

- Sparkling wine from the Freycinet region

***Bookings from other websites or platforms excluded*** 


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Regional guide: Tasmania’s South

Many visitors to Tasmania focus their activities around the south of the state. This is where you’ll find Tasmania’s capital city Hobart, which has a busy airport connecting the island with mainland Australia. Hobart is a wonderful city break destination, with a vibrant food scene, plenty of arts and culture, and year-round markets and festivals. […]

Region guide: Tasmania’s East Coast

Tasmania’s postcard-perfect East Coast draws visitors from all over the world. The long stretches of sparkling white sand, azure waters, and forested mountains make for truly spectacular scenery, with a new favourite view to be found around every corner. But the East Coast is not a region you should rush through, chasing the next photo […]

We love to support Tasmanian artists

Here at Freycinet Resort, we love to support Tasmanian artists. As you explore the resort, you will discover a diverse collection of sculptures and art installations that we have commissioned for the site. We invite you to take a leisurely stroll along the dedicated 2.7km art trail where you can engage with the artworks and […]

Visiting Tasmania in Winter

Tasmania’s winter officially lasts from June until August. Asevery local knows, it’s possible to see snow on higher ground as early as April or as late as October; but on the Freycinet Peninsula that’s a rare occurrence. Coles Bay tends to be a couple of degrees warmer than elsewhere in the state and in factthe […]

Visiting Tasmania in Autumn

Autumn is one of the best times to visit Tasmania. The weather is still pleasant – warm and dry in the daytime, with clear blue skies above– but you’ll encounter fewer crowds than in the summer, and enjoyeven more opportunities to experienceour sights and scenery.