Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions apply to all bookings for the provision of accommodation made with Freycinet Retreat (FR), either directly or via a third party. By making a booking for accommodation, guests warrant that they have read these terms and conditions and agree to be bound by them subject to such changes as are notified to them. If the booking for accommodation is made through a third party, the terms and conditions of that third party also apply.


All accommodation is provided subject to availability.

Rates are per unit, per night based on two-person occupancy. The accommodation at FR is set-up for a maximum number of two people in each unit. If your party consists of a greater number than has been allowed for in the booking (including infants), then we reserve the right to immediately cancel the booking, with any refund being at FR’s discretion.

The accommodation at FR is not suitable for infants or children under the age of 18years. If you bring any children or infants, then we reserve the right to immediately cancel the booking with any refund being at FR’s discretion.

By providing credit card details, guests warrant they have the authority to use the credit card and they authorise FR to charge the cost of their booking(s) to that credit card.

Please be aware that check-in time is normally after 3pm, and check-out time is normally by 10am on the day of departure.

Cancellation Policy

To confirm your booking, we ask for payment in full at the time of booking. If you cancel or curtail your booking more than 30 days before your due date of arrival at FR, we reserve the right to retain one night’s fee. If you cancel or curtail your arrangements within 30 days of arrival we reserve the right to retain the full booking fee. If you postpone and then cancel your booking, we will treat it as a cancellation within the timeframe that applied to the original booking. Either way we will do our best to rebook, and, if successful, we would normally return the booking fee, less an admin fee of $50.

No refund will be granted for cancellation of bookings for stays between 23rd December and 8th January inclusive; or for the part of the booking which falls between these dates.

FR reserves the right to cancel a booking for whatever reason. Should this occur then the deposit and/or booking fee will be fully refunded, but no responsibility will ensue to FR for any consequential loss to the client as a result of that cancellation.

FR cannot be held responsible for damages or compensation for cancellation or curtailment in circumstances which amount to a force majeure.

If you believe that there is a possibility that you might cancel or curtail, for whatever reason, then you should arrange your own cancellation insurance.

Do’s and Don’ts

Here are a few do’s and don’ts that apply during your stay at FR:

  1. The water supply at FR is rainwater caught off the rooves of the buildings. The supply is limited, so we would appreciate it if guests are “water conscious” during their stay.
  2. As FR is a retreat, and we would request that guests keep noise to a minimum, and do not explore the property by vehicle, so as not to impact on the ability of other guests to enjoy the peaceful privacy of FR. If you plan on getting together with friends in the area who are not staying at FR can you please liaise with us in advance and note that we reserve to refuse entry if we consider the numbers to be unreasonable.
  3. There is a speed limit of 30kmph around FR, and guests are advised to beware of oncoming vehicles in the centre of the narrow gravel roads. Extra care is needed in the case of slippery conditions in wet weather.
  4. Please note that much of the property is rough bush and rocky terrain, and whilst you are welcome to walk around, guests are advised to keep to the walking tracks and exercise care on any steep, slippery or uneven surfaces. A downloadable printable map of the property is available on our website.
  5. In order to maintain the wild quality of FR and natural respect that animals have for humans, we would request that guests do not feed the wildlife. Pets are not allowed on the premises.
  6. In order to preserve the peaceful atmosphere at FR, we reserve the right to refuse entry to any guests, and/or their visitors who do not respect our ethos.
  7. We would request that you please do not use any massage or baby oil on the beds, or any bleaching agents on the towels as if this occurs we have to replace the damaged items. If any items are lost, damaged or broken during your visit we should be grateful if you could let us know so that we can arrange a repair or replacement. We also reserve the right to recharge visitors for any damage that occurs that we consider to be over and above normal wear and tear.
  8. When you leave the accommodation, can you please turn off all heaters and lights so that we can keep our carbon footprint to a minimum?

Many thanks.