Access and Parking

Leaving the Coles Bay Road, Freycinet Eco Retreat is approached by a 4 km gravel access road. This road is passable by all types of vehicle, but it does have a 30 km speed limit as the surface can be slippery, particularly in wet weather. Hire cars have had no problem using the road in all weathers.

Parking for guests staying at Freycinet Eco Retreat overnight is available close to all the accommodation.

Parking for guests at events is available is in designated areas wheich are a short walk from the venues.

Entrnace to Freycinet Eco Retreat

Entrance to Freycinet Eco Retreat off the Coles Bay Road

4km Access Road

Freycinet Eco Retreat 4 km Gravel Driveway

Parking Arrangements at Studios

Parking Arrangements at the Ocean View Eco-Studios